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About The Glass

The glass art on Glass Peace was made by us, Allison Hill and Amir Shawn.  Most of our creations were made using a torch and glass in the form of clear and colored tubes, and rods.  This type of glass working is called Lampwork or Lampworking but is also often reffered to as flameworking, torchworking, or glass blowing.  After each piece is manipulated in the flame, we place it in a kiln with a computerized controller to anneal. The annealing process removes any stresses in the glass to ensure a pendant with a long life of strength and durability.

For more information glass blowing and lampworking check out our All about lampworking page here.

The fused dichroic glass pendants and cabochons we make are made in a much different way.  We cut out pieces of flat glass, much like making a mosaic.  We stack and glue the cut pieces of glass with a special glue that burns away without leaving a residue.  We then place the stacked glass into the kiln to melt.  Once they are perfectly melted we crash cool the kiln until the glass hardens all the way.  The kiln is then brought to an even annealing temperature and the glass is allowed to slowly cool overnight.  Once cooled we remove the cabochons from the kiln and clean them up.  To turn the cabochons into pendants we start by grinding a groove around the dichroic cabochon using a special diamond bit on a stained glass grinder.  After grinding we clean all the glass dust off the soon to be pendants.  We then put them in the kiln and let the heat flame polish the grind marks to make the glass smooth, this step has to be done just right so we don't melt out the groove we ground.   To finish the pendant we wire wrap the cabochon with argentium sterling silver wire, this not only gives it an amazing look, it also holds the cabochon safely in place and gives the pendant a really nice durable loop.