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Glass Pendants

Our lampwork glass pendants make a special gift: hand blown with love and care, each features a completely unique design, so you can be sure that when you give Glass Peace pendants, the recipient will never receive a duplicate.  They’re elegant on a chain, chic on a pretty piece of ribbon, casual on a hemp necklace, and striking on the simple black adjustable slip knot cord included with each pendant—so you can create the look that’s just your style.  Many of our glass pendant styles are suitable for men and women.  And jewelry designers can easily incorporate our lampwork glass pendants into their own pieces for an attention-getting focal point.

Each of our fused dichroic glass pendants is one-of-a-kind, but all have the same attention-getting effect.  The brilliant colors and metallic shine (created by stacking pieces of dichroic glass and melting them together in a kiln) produce different effects in different light.  The pieces are annealed in a computerized kiln to remove any stresses and ensure strength and durability.