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Glass Dot Implosion Pendants

The hypnotic patterns in our one-of-a-kind Glass Dot Implosion pendants will add visual interest to a simple jewelry design or be the center of attention when strung by themselves on a simple chain or cord.

Named for the process that creates their intricate dot pattern, Glass Dot Implosion pendants are created by drawing dots of colored glass onto a thin, clear glass bubble.  The dots are then heated and blended in the flame, then blown out to a bubble, shrunk down, and heated and blended again.  The process of blowing and shrinking the dots creates the complex dot pattern.  After each piece is manipulated in the flame, we place it in a kiln that is controlled by a computer, where it is annealed.  This removes any stresses from the glass, creating a strong, durable piece that you can wear for years to come.