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Glass Flower Pendants

Our Glass Flower pendants are realistic down to the last detail—from the elegant curves of delicate petals and perfectly placed leaves to the graceful pistils. They make a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates fine workmanship and would be a gorgeous focal point for a feminine piece of jewelry.

Formed in the flame of a torch, these glass pendants are formed by first heating the end of a clear glass rod in the flame and flattening the end to create a disc. The flower design is drawn with small rods of colored glass called stringers, then heated and blended.  We then quickly spin the glass in the flame, being sure to hold it level and evenly.  As the flower design is heated, blended, and flattened, it is gradually pushed up into the clear glass, creating a 3-D flower pattern.  After adding a loop and checking the pendant for any imperfections, we place it in a kiln with a computerized controller where it will anneal, removing any stresses in the glass to ensure a strong, durable piece that you can hand down for generations.