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Glass Mushroom Pendants

As a symbol of nature and the ecosystem, mushrooms have a mystical and organic beauty.  Mushrooms have long been used as medicine in many cultures—their healing properties, and the magic and intrigue that surrounds them, have fascinated people for centuries.  Perhaps because of the qualities they are associated with, our Glass Mushroom pendants are our most popular design, and are a favorite for hemp necklaces.  Each glass mushroom pendant is unique, so pick one that speaks to you!
We have been creating Glass Mushroom Pendants since we started blowing glass and they have always been a best seller.  The glass mushrooms are formed by pushing cold colored glass up into a hot gather of clear glass—the difference in temperatures of the two materials creates the mushroom effect, and we manipulate it in just the right way for a cap and stem to form.   We also create a colored glass island for the mushroom to grow from.

If you would like to see how glass mushroom pendants are made, check out this tutorial we made.