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Glass Sea Anemone Pendants

Glass Sea Anemone pendants, like the creatures that inspire them, possess an otherworldly beauty. Called “the flowers of the sea,” sea anemones appear elegant and harmless; however, these carnivorous predators attach themselves to rocks or coral and wait for their prey to swim by so that they can sting them with their venom-filled tentacles and devour them. Like their namesake, Sea Anemone pendants come in various sizes and colors, all fascinating and mysteriously alluring.

To create a Sea Anemone pendant, we heat a clear glass rod in a flame, flattening the end to create a disc. We then draw dots of color on the disc using small rods of glass called stringers, and quickly spin the glass in the flame. This heats and blends the dots of glass, slowly drawing them into the clear glass and creating a 3-D anemone inside the clear pendant. When the process of manipulating the glass in the flame is complete, the pendant is placed in a kiln with a computerized controller to anneal, which removes any stresses in the glass, ensuring strength and durability.