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Sea Anemone Glass Pendant

Sea Anemone Glass Pendant


  • Item Number: 4659
  • Dimensions: Length: 42mm Width: 26mm
  • Handmade by: Allison Hill

This unique lampwork glass pendant features a mesmerizing sea anemone pattern hanging from a thick glass loop with a 5.5mm hole size. It measures 26mm wide and 42mm from the top of the loop to the bottom of the pendant.

Glass Sea Anemone pendants, like the creatures that inspire them, possess an otherworldly beauty. Called the flowers of the sea, sea anemones appear elegant and harmless; however, these carnivorous predators attach themselves to rocks or coral and wait for their prey to swim by so that they can sting them with their venom-filled tentacles and devour them. Like their namesake, Sea Anemone pendants come in various sizes and colors, all fascinating and mysteriously alluring. Each comes packaged in an elegant black gift box and strung on a black, adjustable slip-knot cord, ready to wear or present as a gift.

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Sea Anemone Glass Pendant