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Glass Spiral Rake Pendants

The Spiral Rake pattern is one of the oldest in lampworking—the technique has been used for hundreds of years! To make our Glass Spiral Rake pendants, we start by heating a section of clear glass tubing, and wrapping a trail of colored glass around the tube. We then use a fireproof metal tool to “rake” the hot glass down the length of the tube’s surface, creating a web-like pattern that has a feathered effect. Then the tube is heated and the pattern melted in before the tube is blown out to a thin bubble. The bubble is then heated and the pattern is shrunk back down, which creates the web design. When the piece is finished, it is annealed in a kiln that has a computerized controller. This process removes any stresses in the glass and ensures a strong, durable pendant that you can enjoy for years to come.

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