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Glass Cane Beads

Our Glass Cane beads give the impression of having a pattern within a pattern, with a striped or swirled pattern repeating within the larger swirled effect.  This creates an interesting piece, each one unique in color, pattern, shape, and size. 
A “cane” refers to a rod of colored glass, or multiple rods of colored glass which have been arranged and twisted into a single rod, forming intricate patterns and combinations of colors.  Our Glass Cane beads are created using twistie canes (also called zanfiricio canes), or latticino canes, two types of canes that are formed from twisting and combining rods using different techniques for different effects.  The twistie or latticino cane is coiled around a flared glass tube to form a vessel, then blown out, and the end is twisted to make the spiral design.  Then, a hole is blown on the side and the axis of the piece is reversed.  This creates the design on one side of the piece, and the spiral is then created on the other side before the piece is annealed in a kiln with a computerized controller.  The annealing process removes any stresses in the glass and ensures that the piece is strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.